Monday, September 17, 2007

Hamilton Island Fundraising Thank-you

The Escaped Aussies principles are Fun - Learn - Win - Give Back... in that order. Hamilton Island was tooooo much Fun - we'll blog some pictures and stories about that soon enough. We wanted to started with a HUGE thank-you to everyone that made our fundraising for Yalari a big success.

First a huge thanks to John Cowpe, National Sales Manager of Vicsail. John embraced our fundraising effort and gave us access to all the Beneteau crews at the fantastic nightly Beneteau prizes giving/drinks sessions at Hamilton. Thanks as well to Ray Marine and Wild Oats Wines for donating prizes.

We awarded three prizes at the Sunday race at Hammo - 2 for the Best Peforming Boats and a special prize to the Skipper of Holy Cow who embodies the mix of sailing and charity.

And the winner was: Pyrennes, Skipper Leanne Manley.. but a huge thanks to all the boats that donated, which by the Escaped Aussies record includes:


Holy Cow



Nessie Too


Real Yachting


Yes Dear

Morning Mist

Carla M



Apres Vous

and of course - the Escaped Aussies on Kioni

Thanks to Helen Hopcroft for the photo and those seeking relief from the taxman - feel free to mail us at