Thursday, August 23, 2007

Half way - Just a Quick One

The boys are doing exactly as expected - with respect to racing our places are


So not too flash in the racing, but then what do you expect. We have had moments of brilliance that saw the EAs at the head of the fleet but by and large we have just settled into sailing well and are dealing with handicaps, etc as usual.

The experience, so far, has been much more first place. Epic one might say. Today was Whitehaven Beach day which saw the Escaped Aussies and friends sailing back to Hamilton Island under an Escaped Aussies kite after spending a beautiful blue sky day on the beach. We've had to say good bye to Jamie Couten (Nude Nut) drawn back to Sydney on Business but other than that the comraderie, etc is, well, epic.

More news when the fun and sailing is a little less all consuming.


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