Saturday, April 07, 2007

Website Launched!

With a few months of delay, the new Escaped Aussies website has been launched. Much thanks to all the EAs that contributed to the effort! Check is out at at the usual spot and for those of you wondering what it used to look like see here. Hmmm... much better.

I will get a final final accounting of everyone that contributed and post a lovely thank-you to all. If anyone is wondering what too so long, well, if you want to pay someone $12/hour in Silicon Valley to do a website it takes a while. Good news is that the EA coffers still have cash and we can use that for training etc.

If you find any bad links (few photos are missing, I know) let Brett know. Maybe he can do something about it, probably not. And if there's content missing - write it!

Hope you're happy about the new world of Blogging for Escaped Aussies... much cooler...

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