Friday, August 25, 2006

It has begun...

... well actually, the Escaped Aussies ( have been around for quite a while. Six wonderful years to be exact. Our bi-annual International Sailing Regatta romps began innocently (lie) enough at Antiqua Race Week in 2000. Nine souls sailed a Sunsail bathtub and discovered that "EA" was a great way to stay in touch and see the world while sailing competitively.

Why Escaped Aussies? Many on the team had 4 wonderful years together in Sydney as expats and citizens and found this amazing way to race competitively, stay in touch, and see the world after we had "Escaped".

Escaped? Ha. None of us that lived there and left doesn't miss it every day. Fortunately many EAs still live in Sydney and our ranks have swollen to those that have not live Down Under.

We've now sailed in 11 International Regattas - unfortunately many before the advent of blogging. But hey the pictures on the website and the regatta reviews tell the story of how we've seen the world through the eyes of a partying hard / competing hard Sailor.

We've also started giving back through our SailStrong charity. Originally based on Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong campaign. Now we give back to charities wherever we sail.

Stay tuned as the saga unfolds.